Kalashnikov UM-1 Electric Motorcycle Unveiled In Russia

Kalashnikov UM-1 Electric Motorcycle Unveiled In Russia

Ever heard about the AK-47? That deadly assault rifle which most of world’s military forces as well as terrorist organisations uses. In AK, the ‘K’ stands for Kalashnikov, name of the company which built this deadly gun.

Now that same company has come out with a motorcycle named UM-1. The Kalashnikov UM-1 is a fully electric bike and has been unveiled at the International Military Technical Forum along with the SM-1.

The difference between the SM-1 and the UM-1 is that the UM-1 has been made for civilian use and will have an all-electric powertrain. The powertrain of the UM-1 is the brushless DC motor with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When and at what price the UM-1 would be available for the general public is not yet known.

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