Mahindra Car Customisation Website Launched: Get Official Modification Options For Various SUVs

Mahindra has launched a new website, which offers customers modification & customization options of their various SUVs in India. The modification and customization options are currently offered on the Thar, Scorpio and Bolero models.

The new website showcases a number of customisation package options for each of the SUVs. Starting with the Mahindra Thar, the SUV comes with a choice of five customisation packages to choose from. This includes Adventure (HardTop, OpenTop or SoftTop), Thar Bison, Thar Buggy, Thar Midnight and Daybreak (HardTop or SoftTop).

The Mahindra Scorpio and the Bolero also come with various modification packages as well. The Scorpio gets four such packages: Darkhorse, Lifestyle, Mountaineer & Xtreme. While the Mahindra Bolero comes with options including Attitude, Stinger, Xlusiv and Limited-Edition.

According to Mahindra, customers who are interested in getting their SUVs customised or modified will have to bring their vehicles to the brand’s Studio in Mumbai. Customers can take help from the Customisation Studio’s sales & marketing team for logistics. The SUVs can be brought to the Studio post-purchase and registration at their respective cities.

Mahindra will also customize or modify pre-owned or existing customer vehicles as well. However, these cars will initially have to pass a fitness evaluation test, confirming the SUV is in good condition mechanically.

Apart from the three SUVs, Mahindra is also said to be working on introducing customisation kits for other models as well. This includes the TUV300, XUV500 and the KUV100; all of which will receive similar customisation packages very soon.

Mahindra also offers a wide range of individual enhancements, for both exterior and interior. These exterior modifications include a different grille, headlamps, taillights, alloy wheels, roll bars, rock sliders, bull bars, winch, snorkels and many more.

Similarly, interiors enhancements for the SUVs include GSP navigation system, DVD display at the back of the headrests, premium leather upholstery, redesigned door trims and centre console, customised floor mats, mood lighting and others.

Mahindra cars, especially models like the Thar, Scorpio and Bolero are popular in the modification and customisation space. These customisation packages will definitely attract a lot of attention

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