Kazakhstan Mechanic Turns Old Mercedes Into Rolls-Royce Phantom

Dreaming Rolls-Royce doesn’t always mean one has to buy a one. Meet this young man from Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, who fulfilled his dream of Rolls-Royce Phantom by “making a one”. Don’t worry, he doesn’t work at the Rolls-Royce’s manufacturing facility, instead, he took the Mercedes-Benz – a stiff rival to the Rolls-Royce owning company BMW Group, and turned it into his car of dreams.

The guy works as an auto mechanic, and was very much inspired by the Phantom since his school days.

So at this age of youth, he collected dozens of photos and started drawing numerous sketches based on the snaps, set to work.

Kazakhstan Mechanic Turns Old Mercedes Into Rolls-Royce Phantom

Ruslan Mukanov – that’s the name of the young craftsman’s name – which we wish maybe soon called by Rolls-Royce after seeing his work, seemed never wanted to make an actual carbon copy, just his own interpretation of what he feels makes the Phantom so great. The car under the skin is apparently happened to be an older 190E because of the size the Brit V12 giant is bolstered of.

It cost the young designer approximately $3000. He uttered, the project could have been completed a lot before if he wouldn’t have faced the cash crunch. At first, he wasn’t supported by the friends and brothers, but they were amazed to see the Ruslan’s madness when the car came near to completion.

In the place of Spirit of Ecstasy, Ruslan had planted a Soviet-era eagle sculpture, and the chrome wheels looking to be a bit disappointing to this whole feast. But that’s all; the Kazakhstan made Rolls-Royce Phantom is so original and authentic that it made this guy a hero in his locality. People rent his Rolls for the wedding ceremony and he too got a chance to appear on some billboard commercials for vodka…

Hats off to Ruslan Mukanov! We are now thinking is he going to accept further orders to make some more of them in the country, which will soon be a big business if he would continue his creativity with other models as well.

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