Kia-Provo concept revealed

Created by Kia’s Frankfurt-based design team, led by Cheif designer Gregory Guiilaume, who reports to Hyundai-Kia design supreme, Peter Schreyer, the design of the Kia-Provo is shortened version of the Kia-Rio platform. The four-wheel drive hatchback is just 3.88 mm long. The tail is 1.35 mm and has a strict 2+2 cabin layout.

Guiilaume has described the Provo as “entirely a car for European tastes and conditions”. The muscular and emotional car is fully aimed at giving pure fun and performance for today’s city enthusiast driver. With frameless doors, a wrap-around windscreen, dramatic bumper inserts and 19 inch milled aluminum wheels, the Provo looks stunning.

According to the Kia designers the inspiration for the design of Kia is taken from the car-based budget competition machines like the Fiat 500 Abarth, Alfo G2 Junior and obscurities like the Innocent Mini De Tomasa. In order to make the enclosed concept feel more spacious, the interior is dispensed with a conventional center console.

Kia Provo Concept Car

As per reports, “The Kia Provo concept car that will make its debut at this year’s GMS – offers a superior idea of how a new Kia compact SUV could look. Kia portrays the Provo as looking like a “road-legal racer”, although a production edition is expected to have toned-down appearances and would be a competitor for vehicles like the Nissan Juke. At 388 centimeter stretched and 135 centimeter high, the Provo is considerably lighter and lower than a Juke. The concept vehicle has 19inch alloy wheels, and in the lead there’s an innovative explanation of Kia’s “tiger nose” framework.”

Kia Provo Concept Car Interior
A neat aluminum mount is made to hold the transmission selector, starter button and the driver use column mounted paddle shifter. The LCD screen of the instruments and climate control are animated. The power to the front wheel comes from a 201 bhp 1.6 litre petrol engine, which drives through a seven-speed DSG box, while the rear axle is driven by a 44 bhp electric motor.

Kia Provo Concept Car Back View

The Kia Provo will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show (GMS) and is said to make us dream.

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