Kids Driving Range Rover in Kerala: Watch Video

Range Rover is a costly affair in whichever country it is being sold, and the land of India comprises more of poor than the riches, which we think it needs a lot of attention, and moreover the some of the regions here are such that they hadn’t seen railways yet. That’s completely true, as had revealed by one of the leading newspapers here. Looking at his video one might not feel the same. It seems India had developed a lot and there is no need for further developments because we’re getting clips of kids driving Ferrari, Bentleys, and now our hands fallen to Range Rover.

Yes, all of the Range Rovers are extremely powerful and can do a lot of wonders in wherever they tend to go. In this video, two kids are seen driving Evoque in some of the Kerala’s posh areas, and that too being occupied by an adult on the rear seat.

Not much to say on this one, but we can comment, last time we had posted video of the kid driving Ferrari in suburbs of Kerala and recently the Police had charged his father for letting this sort of action going under his guidance, where now we call for the such sort of action again. Where the Police officials were when these kids were driving the big bonk.

Kids Driving Range Rover in Kerala

In the last case, as learnt, it was the child’s birthday and so he is bestowed with the keys of Ferrari, but here the matter doesn’t seems similar with Range Rover’s assessment. The kids looks like having their daily dose of driving lessons and are returning  from same, where most of the course had been completed, is said by looking the kid’s sharpness on turns and gaps penetration, that too a personal trainer expected to be the person which is sitting on the back seat.

Looking deep inside the clipping, it was also revealed Bentley is standing inside the villa, whilst of another niche bug which doesn’t appeared clearly in the video.

Those days doesn’t seems very far when the toddlers in India will attend driving school in the summer vacations of playgroup, i.e. before attending even the academic institutions, or else the school itself will keep a driving session once in a week to teach driving to the small kids.

Seeing the number plate on Range Rover, the inclination derives us to some of the famous names in politics or business world because their villa seems to be in ultra posh location of Kerala as well.

It is just a matter of time, we are waiting to see when the Traffic Police Department is going to action against this one, we also “Congratulate” them for the efforts shown after the Ferrari video. We are eyeing this case very precisely, hoping for better results from government machinery this time too.

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