Koenigsegg Agera lands in India

India, recently, has seen an influx of luxury car companies landing here with their bag and baggages. We have almost all the supercar building companies like Ferrari, Buggati, Lamborghini and many more. So how could Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg be left behind. Well, Koenigsegg have finally come down to India and have unveiled their product last night. Inter-Globe General Aviation was the company which launched this car here in India and at a stratospheric price tag of Rs 12.5 crores. Inter-Globe General Aviation is the subsidiary of InterGlobe Enterprises. The latter can be credited with introducing and running the Indigo airlines, a low cost affair in air travel. Other than the supercar, they also launched yachts, boats, motorcycles, premium helicopters and private jets in India. Not only that, they also rebranded themselves as InterGlobe Established Products known as The Estd in brands.

The Koenigsegg supercar is hand built in the company’s facility in Sweden and only 18 of such cars are made in a year. The Koenigsegg Agera uses a 4.7 liter V8 engine which makes 910 Bhp of power at 6850 rpm whereas the huge torque of 1100 Nm comes in at 5100 rpm. The car weighs in at just 1290 kgs. It has got a specially developed transversal transmission with paddle-shifts. The 0-100 kmph speed is dispatched off in this car in only 2.9 seconds whereas the top speed is a good 435 kmph. Koenigsegg CEO and Automotive founder Christian Von Koenigsegg was present at the launch and he said that though Europe, UK and China were their primary markets,  he expects India to be also a part of the bigger fish. He said that out of the 18 cars that they produce globally, only 2-3 would be allotted to India for this year. The Estd also launched another German supercar, the Gumpert as also the Vyrus motorbike and a cruiser from Hollister. The unveiling was done in India’s capital, New Delhi. The CEO and President of The Estd, Nigel Harwood was also present there. He said that The Estd plans on taking the Indian luxury market by a storm with its wide range of product offerings in land, air or water. No mention or comparison with the Buggati Veyron was done. It is also being mentioned that very soon Pagani Hyuara and Maserati are going to make their way to India. We at Indiandrives heartily welcome all these exotic brands.

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