Change of guard at HSCI

Honda overall seems to be changing its executives in India. First was some one from the bike department and now it is the turn of Tatsuya Natsume to go back to Japan and Mr. Seki Inaba taking his place as the Marketing Director of Honda Siel Cars India. The former would actually go to Honda Philippines as their President and CEO. He has been associated with HSCI from the last 4 years and most of the success that the company has enjoyed in India can be attributed to him. Before he left India, Mr. Natsume said that his experience here was one of a learning one and he was pleased to be part of a growing economy which is also the fastest growing automobile markets in the world.

The new Marketing Director of Honda Siel Cars India, Seki Inaba has a been a long serving employee in Honda Japan and will be part of the 9 directors of the company in India. He has got an overall excellent marketing and sales experience as also the know how of changes in consumer trend towards automobiles.

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