Koenigsegg Teases new Agera for Geneva

Koenigsegg had revealed a teaser photo which speaks of new/special edition to be introduced at Geneva this year.

In the image it can be seen that two golden strips are running across black carbon fiber reclining our attention towards jet runways. No further details are revealed except the invitation which is printed in a corner saying, “Celebrate 0 – 100 – 10 with Koenigsegg Automotive at Geneva 2013.”

Talking about the last year in Swiss, this Swedish supercar maker had rolled out 2013 Agera R at that same red carpet, which was then followed by other limited and special editions throughout the year. But none of them is expected this time, as suspicion ticker had swiftly moved towards a new product.

Koenigsegg Teases new Agera for Geneva
Apart from all that, we are very much gleamed about the extensive use of carbon fiber in this upcoming model, as will reduce weight and would also jet more throttle in a less span of time.

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