Lamborghini announces retirement of Gallardo

Lamborghini has decided to retire its legendry best-selling model, Lamborghini Gallardo by the end of next year. The latest model in the Gallardo line-up LP-560-4 is ought to be the final Gallardo in the Gallardo series, it will be retiring next year and its replacement will appear anytime next year. In 2013 Gallardo will be completing a decade of its glorious reign, at the end of the year Lamborghini will be revealing its replacement. The company however will continue the sale of old Gallardo.

The Gallardo LP 540-4 has been built with the Audi’s old 4.2 litre V8 engine with two extra cylinders to its credit. From the speculations that run around the corner it is expected that V10 will not fade out along with the Gallardo, it probably will be more refined and tweaked and is expected to make its way inside the hood of the Gallardo replacement. With the Gallardo era coming to an end next year, it is quite a sad movement for the car lovers and fans. However, it is expected that Lamborghini will be rolling out a replacement that will be equally as exciting as its predecessor is.

Lamborghini announces retirement of Gallardo

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