Lamborghini sales increases globally

Stephen Winkelmann, the CEO and President of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. has spoken about the success that the company has seen in the year of its 50th anniversary. Looking at the sales figures, they are quite happy with their performance, strategies and products. Lamborghini Gallardo has shown its strength in the market last year with an impressive demand. On the other hand, the Aventador managed to break all sales records of their V12 models till date. Chine and USA have been the biggest markets for the company with Europe also catching up in the line as per the new market trend.

With a total of 129 dealers in 46 countries, Lamborghini has managed to increase its sales from 2,083 to 2,121 units in 2013. Being a global brand, the sales distribution of Lamborghini is more or less balanced with 30% in Asia Pacific, 36% in America and 34% in Africa, Middle East and Europe. The Lamborghini Aventador has made 2013 the most successful year for all V12 models with a total sale of 1,001 units. Even in its last year of production, Gallardo is considered to be an evergreen car with an increase in sales from 1,161 units in 2012 to 1,120 units in 2013. Lamborghini is still on its path of sustainable development by enlarging facilities and hiring qualified professionals to sustain new projects and production demand. The company has presented limited editions of Veneno, Veneno Roadster and Egoista as homage to its 50th anniversary. Lamborghini had also launched the Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster, an ultimate luxury sports car.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

In the joy of their 50th anniversary, there were many events that were held all throughout the world, with the greatest reunion having even more than 350 supercars.

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