Lamborghini Trademarks ‘Huracan’

Lamborghini, as we know, has an SUV lined up in its future portfolio. The Italian sportscar marque also has a Gallardo replacement in its future lineup. Now we recently brought you the news of Lamborghini trademarking the name Urus and Deimos for its future vehicle prototype.

Deimos was adopted from the Greek mythological god, which is contrasting to the Lamborghini likeness that employs fighter bull names to its vehicle lineup. The Italian carmaker has now registered Huracan with the trademark office. Huracan translates to hurricane in Spanish, while it is the name of a god of fire, wind and storm in ancient Mayan mythology. It goes along quite well with the previous trademark filing, Deimos, which represents terror brought by war. To our knowledge, none of these names have been adopted by matadors or fighting bulls known like the previous Lamborghini vehicles.

Lamborghini Trademarks Huracan
To help us guessing, Car & Driver has speculated that the name Deimos will be given to the production version of Lamborghini SUV with Urus titled for the concept version. Moreover, Huracan will be christened to the Gallardo replacement that is coming up in 2013.

Though it is not traditionally Lamborghini, with names not inspired from any famous fighter bull, the name Huracan is certainly more fierce than Porsche Cayenne, on which the Huracan is expected to be based.

We also speculate that Estoque, the four-door concept that appeared back in 2008 may make it production. Check out this space to find out more from Lamborghini.

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