Lamborghini Veneno – The Fastest Ever Italian Bull Sold at $4.7m Only To Three Buyers

Geneva Motor Show is such a cue that every carmaker is vying to get its perfect bite, though biggies are the most promising one to dive in their nose on a comparatively huge paddock.

Lamborghini was gearing to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, and so a big joyous celebration to mark the super-thrilled presence. Excitement was slated to be in the form of a super-powered car which the world had not yet experienced till date under raging Bull’s moniker.

The $4.7m Veneno is an outcome of bespoken celebration. It is in such a limited number that even riches would just not be able to pursue, because production is restricted only to three units itself.

Lamborghini Veneno

After all it is a “rare” edition Lambi therefore expectations go with the “Sold Out” tag on it, while buyers must have deposited a big booty in the bank accounts of Italians during process.

Staring at this leaked image carefully we have came across carbon fiber fittings being donned on various components; a roof scoop, bigger rear wings and over all the massive wheels makes impressive grunts. As per some sources, V12 6.5 liter engine will be hanged in the Veneno bay so that 740 hp could be easily delivered with top notch of 220 mph (354 kmph). To contribute transmission, a seven-speed ISR robotized manual gearbox is embedded, which can be said as a perfect to the so called assorted Santa’ Agata bug.

To get more of details, stay tuned for its launch at Geneva Motor Show.

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