Lana Del Ray releases video with Jaguar F-Type

Lana Del Ray revealed her video for Burning Desire. It is written and composed by the singer and song writer and will be included as the title track for the movie named as ‘Desire’ starring Golden Globe winner Damian Lewis. The video has been created by Jaguar and the producers, Ridley Scott Associates.

The Burning Desire music video was shot at the film location on the South East London at the Rivoli Ballroom. It is a grade 2 listed former cinema that was converted in 1950s and it is the only remaining intact ballroom from its London period.

The distinctive place is the mix of deco, neo-classical style and complements Lana’s original style. In the video she can be seen wearing a vintage ghost floor length silk dress as she does the track.

Jaguar F-Type and Lana Del Ray

On the occasion, Lana Del Ray said that the movie has always been precious to her and she is so proud to be a part of something that Jaguar has thought for their new car along with Damian Lewis. Making art is a tough decision and she said she believe that one should create their own path and eventually they will be rewarded for their passion. She said it was quite good to know that people like Jaguar are working with them and she is not the only one with such strident believe.

Lana Del Ray’s association with the luxury car brand was revealed last year in September with the singer performing the song for the first time in front of the exclusive audience in the Paris at the Musee Rodin during the global launch of Jaguar F-Type. The F Type is the first 2-seater sports car that has emerged from Jaguar since the legendry E Type that was revealed about 50 years ago.

Global marketing Communication Director at Jaguar, Ian Armstrong said that Lana Del Ray is a world class artist, song writerand singer. In the music video she has used her unique ability to showcase, reflect, conjure and reinterpret the scene from a different era for herself and for the F Type.

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