Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Revealed

In the 25 years since its introduction, the Land Rover Discovery has carved an enviable reputation for itself – from jungles, barren peaks and deserts, where its unmatched capability sees it through the harshest terrain, to cities and country tracks worldwide, where its unique combination innovative versatility and spacious design and have made it a global success, winning numerous awards and clocking up impressive sales figures. The Discovery shaped the 4×4 leisure segment and, over the course of a generation, became synonymous with it. Always a trend-setting pioneer, the Discovery is now on a journey of transformation and is set to change the face of the next generation too.

From next year, the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept nameplate will be borne by not just a single model but a distinct range of vehicles, which symbolize the essence of the lifestyle-orientated, premium SUV: versatile, modern, desirable and practical, with the unmistakable DNA of Land Rover at its core. As Range Rover has done in the luxury SUV sector, the Discovery nameplate will come to redefine its territory in the leisure segment. With the most premium and best designed, versatile, practical vehicles in their segment, the future Discovery range is set to fundamentally enhance the way drivers around the world take on the adventure of modern life.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Discovery Vision Concept: Designing The Future

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is a vision into the future of the company’s new lineup leisure vehicles. It’s a vision of a thoroughly modern and premium lifestyle vehicle – a highly desirable interpretation of our well established Discovery nameplate, with a strong focus on compelling design and relevant versatility. This will truly resonate with customers while respecting the established values of Discovery’s distinctive heritage. With its dramatic silhouette, overall modernity inside and out and optimised proportions and volume, this concept is a radical departure from Discovery as we know it – and yet, its unique DNA is evident, with the alpine lights, stepped roof, stadium seating and command driving position all working in harmony to create a vehicle, which acknowledges its roots, whilst firmly looking forward.

Interior: Innovation And Versatility Combined

The interior of Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is a dynamic combination of color, material and form, striking in its modern, clean visual simplicity. It has been carefully designed for delivering enormous levels of spaciousness and an open, airy feel for all passengers, while still cocooning them in an environment that feels secure and cosy. With a brief to create the ultimate leisure space, the design team of LR has created a welcoming and warm interior, crafted in open pore grey wood veneer, polished and brushed aluminum finishes and Nimbus and Navy premium leather. The panoramic roof and large glasshouse let in plenty of light and afford clear views out, while the vehicle’s high beltline creates a feeling of security.

The Discovery Vision Concept offers comfortable seating for seven full-size adults in great comfort, in a 2+3+2 layout across three rows. Every passenger is catered for equally, with plenty of legroom and headroom and access to storage, infotainment and accessories.

Land Rover Discovery Vision interiors

Innovative Versatility

Practicality and versatility have always been fundamental aspects of the Discovery, and every facet of the Discovery Vision Concept’s carefully considered design reflects a sense of thoughtful innovation. The reconfigurable seating system of Discovery Vision Concept perfectly symbolizes this philosophy. The seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows are able to slide backwards and forwards fully, both independently and as a complete row, fitting flush with the seat ahead or behind them (‘theatre-fold’).

Remote Control Drive

This feature enables the driver to maneuver the car at very low speed while not actually seated inside it, via the removable secondary rotary on the centre console, as well as via a Smartphone or tablet. Remote Control Drive has a simple, easy-to-use interface, encrypted access and operation only via the vehicle’s localized Wi-Fi, putting the power of autonomous vehicle control securely and safely in the driver’s hands.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Laser Terrain Scanning

Another enhancement to the driver’s capability is Laser Terrain Scanning. The foglamps of Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept are capable of emitting infrared lasers, and these are used to scan the ground ahead, map the terrain and display the mapped imagery on the hi-definition cluster screen, offering the driver a vital visual reference and helping him understand the lay of the land while driving in challenging off-road situations.

The systems on Discovery Vision Concept provide multiple levels of autonomy, so that the driver always has the choice to be involved and engaged with the terrain just as much as needed or desired. By enabling better vision and decision-making, they aim to offer the driver with more of the right information at the right time, helping progress through seemingly impassable terrain, and leading to more security, enjoyment and confidence on all terrain.

Land Rover Discovery

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