Luxury hatchbacks making their way to Indian market

Expectation doesn’t always turns into reality. This seems to be happening to the German trio Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Their hatchback didn’t do well in the Chinese market, but for now they have decided to reveal their hatchbacks in the Indian market.

In the process, Mercedes is planning to reveal its entry level A-Class hatchback in the middle of this year, BMW AG with its 1-Series and Audi is all not behind with its new A3 expected to come in 2014. Although the typical Indian conditions like parking, fuel efficiency and growing middle class population has been responsible for high demand of the smaller cars in Indian market but luxury makers are not in a mood to bring a small car for the middle class. Rather they will be making hatchback for the riches; this will be due to the high price of thesecars that will not be affordable for the common man.

Luxury Hatchbacks
Speaking on the issue, Neelesh Hundekari said that no matter how much economic growth country has seen by far, people here always wants to feel the luxury, so a right pricing at right time will be needed for these companies to establish their small car business in India. The middle class in India is defined as the people with income in the range of Rs.2,00,000 to 1 million.

MD of HIS Automotive (research firm) Mr. Deepesh Rathore said that the Indians consider affordability even with the luxury cars, so if someone is getting a BMW or any luxury vehicle he will not let his level decrease again. According to him Indian luxury market will become 4 times to its current figure by 2020.

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