Mahindra Cars At Auto Expo 2020 – The Motor Show

Mahindra Cars At Auto Expo 2020 & The Motor Show

Mahindra Pavilion was active at the Auto Expo 2020, The Motor Show. Showcased vehicles included Mahindra Funster, Mahindra eXUV300, Mahindra eKUV100, Mahindra Treo, Mahindra Atom, Mahindra Super XUV300.

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, a part of the USD 20.7 billion Mahindra Group, and the pioneers of electric mobility in India unveiled a new corporate brand identity with a new logo.

Mahindra Funster

Mahindra has revealed the funster electric concept at the #AutoExpo2020. The Mahindra funster concept previews second-generation #XUV500. The Funster also features butterfly opening doors and a frame-less front windshield.#MahindraFunster Open-Top Concept Can Do 0-100 KMPH In 5 Seconds

Mahindra eXUV300

Mahindra has revealed the #eXUV300 at the #AutoExpo. This all-electric version of the XUV300 gets blue highlights and styling tweaks on the outside and inside. It is expected to launch in the second half of 2021.

Mahindra eKUV100

In the biggest development of Auto Expo 2020, Mahindra and Mahindra launched eKUV100 at starting price of ₹8.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).The car has been equipped with a liquid cooled battery pack, auto transmission, fast charge and remote connections.

Mahindra Treo

Truly Indian electric three-wheeler. The Treo consists of various powertrain components developed in-house here in India – components have been designed keeping our road conditions in mind. 

Mahindra Atom

Mahindra Atom Mahindra revealed a super-compact, interesting-looking vehicle called the Atom at the Auto Expo. The Atom will be positioned as a Quadricycle – a cross between a three-wheeler and a four-wheeler. Mahindra says that the Atom will provide the agility of a three-wheeler.

Mahindra Super XUV300 – Rally version of XUV300

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