Mahindra Thar 4×4 | SWOT Analysis Review | Is It Really Worth It? |

Mahindra Thar 4x4 | SWOT Analysis Review | Is It Really Worth It? |

We review Mahindra Thar 4×4 using the SWOT Analysis. We have a look at its strengths & weaknesses, find opportunities for the brand to make the car better, and lastly, have a look at the threat it faces from its rivals. The Thar is priced between Rs 13.5-16.03 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Without any further ado, let’s begin with a review with Thar’s Strengths. 



Currently, after multiple price revisions from Mahindra, the Mahindra Thar 4×4 now starts at a price of Rs 13.5 Lakhs (ex-showroom). Considering it to be a lifestyle vehicle, you get a 4×4 at a price point where even the small compact SUVs are much more expensive than the Thar. Even for the top of the line Hard Top Automatic Variant, you just pay an ex-showroom price of Rs 16 Lakhs. 

The affordability of the lifestyle vehicle has translated into such large volumes of sales since its launch. 


  • Price- Rs 13.5- 16.03 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)


The Thar has been designed in such a way that even if an owner decides to have a one-car garage, the vehicle does not disappoint in any aspect of ownership. The Thar comes loaded with features which make the ownership a comfortable experience. For example, It gets a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. It also gets vital information on the infotainment system like the roll, pitch & steering angle which helps a lot when off the roads. 

It gets comfort features like one-touch sliding front seats for the rear seat access, reclining rear passenger seats, height-adjustable driver’s seats, voice commands and the text messages readout feature.


  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Reclining Rear Seats
  • Voice Commands


Mahindra has done a wonderful job at keeping the enthusiasts happy, as they are offering the Thar in not just the diesel but even the Petrol Powertrain. What’s crazier is the fact that the Petrol Stallion engine is more powerful than the Diesel engine. Both the engines are offered with manual and automatic transmissions. According to statistics, 55% of the sales have been accounted for the automatic transmission clearly showing the increasing demand for the auto gearbox. These engines are fuel-efficient too as the brand claims it can deliver an efficiency of 15.2 Km/L, whereas a few customers have reported that with the sedate driving style they have even managed to extract up to 17-18 Km/L from the diesel engine. 

What more could one expect from such a capable 4×4!


  • Engine – 2.2L M-Hawk Diesel Engine 
  • Power- 130 HP & 300 Nm Torque
  • Engine- 2.0L M-Stallion Petrol Engine
  • Power- 150 HP & 320 Nm Torque


The previous generation of Thar was not really known for its Safety standards. In fact it was not even closely related to safety at all, but the new Thar has changed the industry standards for the segment. The new Thar gets a 4-Star safety rating from the Global NCAP, which is very respectable for Mahindra to achieve in such a segment. The Thar also gets loaded with safety features like Roll-Cage, Electronic Stability Control, Dual-Airbags, Hill Descent Assist, Isofix mounts & Rear Parking Sensors.


  • Dual-Airbags
  • ESC
  • 4-Star Safety Rating – Global NCAP


Soft Suspension

Mahindra’s have been infamous for their wobbly ride experience due to the soft suspension setup. The suspension setup on the Thar performs flawlessly over the off-road terrains but on smooth surfaces, even the minute undulations feel like roller coaster rides and can be a cumbersome experience over long journeys, especially considering we do not always travel over the expressways. 

Manufacturing Defects 

The Thar has been recalled several times from the manufacturer for quite a few issues like Diesel Particulate Filter malfunction, faulty camshafts etc. All these recalls have been a very scary ownership experience for current owners and future customers, doubting the reliability of the tough built SUV. 

Boot Space

The Thar with its seats upright practically does not have enough boot space which can be utilised. Unless you fold one of the rear seats you do not have enough space to even pack bags of four passengers in the boot. 

Waiting Period

Due to the semiconductor chip shortage and large unexpected volume of bookings, Mahindra has been facing difficulty in delivering the Thar on time. The waiting period stretches to almost a year, which is quite a disappointment for a customer looking for immediate purchase. 


Seat Comfort

The front seats of the Thar lack the appropriate under-thigh support and become tiring to be seated in for long journeys. With an update in the future, Mahindra should definitely address this concern, to make the Thar more comfortable. 

Electric Fuel-Lid

Reminding you of the 90s era, when you had to manually unlock the fuel lid with your key, is a major drawback in the Thar that surely needs to be fixed in the upcoming facelifts as it is a very uncomfortable experience for a frequent user of the vehicle. 

Ride Quality

Lastly, the infamous wobbly ride experience that we spoke of earlier, should be fixed with a more balanced set-up to offer a much more stable drive experience over highways. 


Force Gurkha 

The 4×4 lifestyle segment currently only has two options, The Mahindra Thar 4×4 & the updated Force Gurkha. The Gurkha is only offered in one variant and is priced at Rs 14.49 Lakhs (ex-showroom).  The Gurkha is the only threat that the Thar has in the segment, but practically comparing the two, the Gurkha does not do much damage to the Thar’s sales figure, because Gurkha might be a little more stable option for Off-Roading, but it is the Thar which can be used as a daily driver with better and much more powerful and efficient engines. 

So folks, if hardcore off-roading and distinctness on the streets is what you’re looking at, then the Force Gurkha is a good option, that you can immediately drive off the dealership floor. But if you’re looking out for a vehicle which performs well equally in the city and can carry a family as a daily driver comfortably, then you must book the Thar immediately and just pray for a short waiting period. 


  • Force Gurkha – Rs 14.49 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)

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