Mahindra Developing a New Compact SUV: Reports

The rumors about Mahindra developing a range of new SUVs and compact SUVs are circling the entire automotive eternity for quite sometime now. The new range of SUVs also includes the sub-compact models. Currently, the Indian SUV market is booming and the success of the Renault Duster goes to prove that. Ford is also coming with its much anticipated Ford EcoSport in the Indian market soon. It is quite clear that all the companies are trying to take advantage of the current trend the demand. Mahindra and Mahindra, the largest Indian SUV manufacturer, is also said to be working on the compact SUV segment. Recently one of the testing vehicles from Mahindra was spotted undergoing tests. This is the first time that someone was able to have a glimpse of the test model since the start of rumor about the manufacturing of these vehicles.

The new compact SUV from of Mahindra, codenamed as S101, will be the second product from the company in the Sub four meter SUV segment. Mahindra Currently offers Quanto in the sub four meter segment. The new baby SUV will lie below the Quanto in the product line-up. The main aim for launching the vehicle can be attributed to the boost in the demand of the compact SUV after the success of the Renault Duster. The compact segment is now booming and Mahindra do not want to remain behind in this segment. The upcoming vehicle from Mahindra, the S101, will be competing against the likes of Ford EcoSport.

Mahindra developing new compact SUV
The image that was caught shows a highly camouflaged test vehicle. The image gives a hint that the test mule is still in its early stage of development and currently it is seen with a dummy head and tail lights. The images shows a profile that is sporty, more like a crossover blessed with high ground clearance. The rear windscreen has been slightly raked.

It is evident that Mahindra will be sharing the interior components with its older models to keep a check on its pricing. The upcoming vehicle can be a six-seater or even an eight-seater. The company is also developing an upmarket version of the S101 that has been codenamed as S102.

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