Mahindra Developing Four-Door e2o for Europe

A four dour version of the e2o is being worked on by Mahindra Reva in order to cater to the markets in Europe. The news has been confirmed by the executive director of the company, Pawan Goenka, who also said that the new car would get into production by July 2016.


Following the launch of the FAME initiative by the government earlier in the year, the demand for the hybrid and electric cars appears to have increased significantly and coupled with exports, it would appear that Mahindra will finally get some much needed recognition for its line up of eco friendly cars. Mahindra has been producing the e2o from its production facility near Bengaluru in fairly smaller figures up till now as a result of low demand. Now though, the price has dropped from Rs 6.76 lakh too Rs 4.99 lakh for the T2 variant and from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 5.38 lakh for the Quick2Charge model.

In addition to being sold in markets across India, the e2o is also being exported to various markets globally including Sri Lanka and Bhutan. The four door model is also likely to be launched in India once the car has been released in Europe. Mahindra Reva has been one of the pioneers of alternative fuel sources in India and has constantly been producing cars that can meet global emission demands. This will be good news for them in order to establish themselves on a global level.


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