Mahindra e2o Launched In Bermuda

Mahindra e2o is officially launched in Bermuda, which could be promoted as a new way of transportations there.

The automaker is quite positive about the island to pose as a potential market.

Commenting about the launch, Chetan Maini, CEO of Mahindra Reva, said, “Islands will and should take the lead for driving these alternative energy solutions. They are also the ones that feel the pain of global warming first so it makes sense to me.”

He added, “From my perspective, Bermuda’s geography, its climate, its sophisticated economy and its population all work in its favour — it just seemed very right to me. It has the right mindset and the right ecology. We also have two very good partners in the shape of Auto Solutions and Bermuda Engineering. It’s about energy security and being clean and in my opinion Bermuda is the right location for this product.”

Mahindra e2o Launched In Bermuda

Apart from the Bermuda island, the electric car from India (i.e. Mahindra e2o) has already proven success to the company in many markets, and soon it’s about to hit the Europe, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

The car can be charged by connecting it to an electrical point, but it also has the capability to use solar power.

Mr. Maini is having high hopes for this EV’s success in Bermuda.

He added, “This is not just about one car. The e2o is just the first step in the right direction — we are trying to create a culture. We would like to expand the idea to larger passenger vehicles, taxis and commercial vehicles to transport goods. It’s about where do we see ourselves in five years. Islands can lead this progress.”

Image Courtesy – Bernews

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