Mahindra Introduces Alfa Plus Load Carrier

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of SUVs, launched the Alfa Plus yesterday, which is a variant of its three-wheeler Alfa Load carrier, with a longer deck. The Alfa Plus has been created to boost the value of the product for its potential customers. The carrier has been designed primarily for intra-city load transport and is very convenient for captive segments such as distribution of gas cylinders, mineral water and consumer goods.

The Mahindra Alfa Plus offers excellent features including an ergonomic design, longer wheelbase, a comfortable and spacious cabin. On the performance end, it also sports a powerful engine and gives great mileage. The carrier comes with the longest carrier box in its segment, a 20 percent increase in the load volume transported in any trip. This directly translates into higher earnings of its customers.

Mahindra Introduces Alfa Plus Load Carrier

The longer wheelbase boosts the stability of the vehicle and gives a smoother driving experience while offering better safety. Also, the ergonomic design of the spacious cabin assures the driver of a pleasant long distance drive without any discomfort and fatigue. The Alfa Plus offers robust transmission and Mahindra has extended the gear box life by upto 20% andthe clutch life by 50%. The vehicle packs more power than the Alfa Load carrier with an 8% increase in engine torque. Marketing the Mahindra Alfa Plus with the slogan ‘Bade FaydekeliyeBada Alfa’, Mahindra is trying to highlight the higher load carrying capacity of the carrier along with the lower operating costs.

The Alfa Plus carrier will be manufactured at M&M’s plants at Zaheerabad and Haridwar. At the launch of the Mahindra Alfa Plus, Mr. VivekNayer, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., said that the company has significantly increased the value proposition for its customers by launching the Alfa Plus, thereby strengthening its 3W load product portfolio. He added that the Alfa Plus carrier is customized to meet the needs of businessmen and traders operating in the captive segment and is expected to simplify the transportation of voluminous cargo.

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