Mahindra’s 100th Great Escape Concludes Successfully

Mahindra recently concluded the 100th Edition of its Great Escape in Rajasthan. The event which was started 16 years ago, has now became one of the highly anticipated off-road events in India. Its popularity can be guessed from the fact that last year itself about 35 of these events were conducted.

The event was organized at the Manvar Desert camp near Jodhpur with over 65 Mahindra Sports Utility Vehicles testing the extreme tracks. The event includes Bolero, Thar, Scorpio and Scorpio Getaway. The course was designed by the Naresh Bhosle (a Great Escape Veteran) and brand manager of Thar, Vinod Nookala. The track spanned over 40 km of the arid desert land with the markings at the regular intervals to keep participants on the track.

Mahindra's 100th Great Escape Concludes Successfully
President Automotive and farm equipment sector, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mr. Pawan Goenka said that they are delighted to organize the 100th edition of the Annual Great Escape at Manvar, Rajasthan. He further said that Rajasthan has always been attracted tons of off-roading enthusiasts over the year with its vast and arid terrain. It has become a popular destination among the off-roaders. It is not just he challenging terrain that has attracted Mahindra towards it but the chance to showcase tough and durable nature of the Mahindra vehicles to the customers. Over the last 16 years, the Great Escape has been transformed into one of India’s most thrilling and exciting off-roading events and this year’s event was nothing different as it pushed both man and their machine to the extreme limit of their endurance in one of the most arid and challenging  terrains in India.

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