Maini Group’s Tomcar set to roll in India

Maini group is all set to launch Tomcar in the Indian circuit very soon after the car was unveiled at the 2012 DEFExpo held in Delhi. Tomcar is an all-terrain high-performance oriented car which is totally military graded. The car can tread rough paths with optimum ease owing to the suspensions of the car. The tires attached to the car are of high durability which ensures that even if the car slides off the track, the driver won’t find it tough to regain control of the vehicle. The car is slated to be roll out towards the borders of the country where the military will be putting them to use. Such types of all-terrain cars are perfect for border security forces deployed at hostile areas.

These cars have been designed in such a manner so that they can tackle any surface or obstruction. The design is quite rugged which keeps the driver safe in the cabin even if the vehicle meets with an accident. The main manufacturing unit of the Maini Group is located in Bangalore where Tomcar will be built on a massive scale. The car also has its share of customers based overseas and thus it will be imported to other countries as well. More units will be manufactured for domestic customers though.

Maini Group's Tomcar set to roll in India
It has not been long since Maini Group entered the Indian market and thus they are yet to make a name for themselves in the industry but the company has kept its aspirations high and plans to make more high-performance vehicles just like Tomcar. Maini Group is also eyeing a few other spots in India where they can establish new manufacturing units so that they can establish a stronghold over the automobile market here which is termed as one of the most progress-oriented automobile markets in the world.

Sandeep Maini who happens to be the Chairman of Maini Group was ecstatic on the launch of Tomcar. He gave a brief statement in front of the media in which he enthusiastically said that Maini Group was delighted to be given a chance to launch Tomcar in Indian market where there are few all-terrain cars for the Defense, Homeland Security and the Paramilitary Security Scouting. He feels that the military of India needs all-terrain high-performance vehicles and thus Tomcar will serve their purposes.

These cars are not exactly fir to run on normal roads. The tires are tough and thick which makes them durable to rock terrains. These types of vehicles will help the border security force monitor even the most hostile of areas where a normal car cannot tread.

Presently these cars are in high demand in Afghanistan as the British Army uses them to monitor unreceptive areas. The Israeli Military, Border Patrol as well as the US Customs make use of Tomcar and thus the popularity of these cars in the Military circuit is immense. Thus, bringing these cars to the Indian automobile market has been a generous move on the part of Maini Group.

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