Maruti Celerio Diesel Spied: Watch Video

It maybe sounding weird, but it’s true that diesel engine of Maruti really grunts badly.

The diesel trims of various model plates from Maruti are quite awaited, where the Celerio seems to be the first one to fall in this category. The spy video on YouTube posted by one of the media houses alleged that the vehicle in the video is the Celerio diesel. We don’t know how true that is, but for sure it can be the diesel version, as the noise emitted from the vehicle is comparatively higher, left us annoyed.

The Maruti looks in the swing of getting the noise levels reduced, and for that same reason apparently they may be conducting the tests every now and then, as recently there were some reports too of the Celerio diesel doing tests around its manufacturing facility in Delhi.

Maruti Celerio Diesel Spied

Over and out, there wouldn’t be many changes on the cosmetic front of Celerio diesel, except the badges. The under hoods technicalities are speculated to be made functional with the Maruti’s upcoming 0.8-liter diesel engine. It would be a two cylinder turbocharged unit capable of producing the 38PS of peak power and deliver the returns of 27kms from a single liter of fuel.

Celerio is a fresh product from Maruti in the market and is garnering good responses, so assimilating the diesel tag first with it will be like the additional icing on cake, and would also settle down well with its title of AMT gearbox planted for the first time in such a small car of Maruti.

Right now, it cannot be uttered whether the Maruti is planning Celerio diesel with the automatic gearbox or not.

Hence, there would be some more diesel trims of the existing model plates coming soon from house of Maruti, said a source.

Video Courtesy: Gaadi Waadi

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