Maruti finally gives thumbs-up to Gujarat plant

Finally Maruti has given the go-ahead for the establishment of a new manufacturing unit in the state of Gujarat said to be rich with resources. It has been a long time since Maruti had expressed desires to set up a plant in the state of Gujarat and now finally on June 2nd, the company will be signing a deal with the State Government of Gujarat. The terms and conditions of the agreement have been ascertained and both parties are enthusiastic about this new venture. Maruti was facing some uncertainties regarding finalizing this deal as there were a lot of factors that were hindering the decision but now the company has decided to push every factor away and proceed towards the venture.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in India as it records the highest percentage of sales in the Indian market. The company has been ruling the small car segment market in India for over two decades now and throwing it off its throne is close to impossible for other automobile manufacturers at this time.

Maruti finally gives thumbs-up to Gujarat plant
The location that has been fixed for the manufacturing plant lies in the Mehsana district based in North Gujarat. The capacity of units for this manufacturing plant will be a lot as Maruti is anticipating a lot. It is presently being claimed that the manufacturing unit will be based on a 500 acres land and will be producing around 2.5 Lakh units per year which eventually will increase to 20 Lakh but during a long course of time. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has a lot of plans that they have strategized for Gujarat over the past few months. Now after the agreement is signed between the State Government of Gujarat and MSIL, the work on the plant will commence. Maruti has ensured the safeguarding of the ecosystem and the location fixed by them is perfect since it has ample resources in the vicinity. The resources in the area will not be over-exploited by the company as has been ascertained by MSIL.

Presently Maruti Suzuki India Limited has two plants both of which are based in Haryana and both of them are capable of manufacturing 2 Lakh units each per annum.The company presently has the most number of dealership points in India more than that of any other automobile manufacturer. There are a lot of new cars of Maruti Suzuki that are making their way to the Indian roads in the upcoming months and years. Thus, owing to the increasing demand of Maruti cars, the company had considered it a top priority to set-up a manufacturing unit in a new location that has resources available and from where ample units of cars can be rolled out thus meeting the demands of the consumers. Thus, by setting up this new plant, Maruti will only deepen its foundation on the Indian soil and hopes to set up more manufacturing units in other states of the country.

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