Vehicle fitness tests to become mandatory

With more cars crowding the urban streets day by day, authorities have to keep check that the rise of economy as an automotive giant is not compromised by its citizen’s health. Under the recommendation of the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), the Transport Department of Delhi Government proposed mandatory Annual Vehicle Health Check of private vehicle owners. Until now, only the commercial vehicles were subjected to mandatory vehicle health checks.

“Discussions are on with the EPCA about the various parameters before the policy is finalized. The fitness test, called the inspection and maintenance test, will be an annual feature, and will have to be done at authorized centers only” a government official said. In strict actions, the body granted vehicle insurance to only those vehicles, which have cleared the health test.  “The idea is that insurance will be renewed only if the fitness certificate is available” he further said.

Vehicle fitness tests to become mandatory

To control the volume of cars on road, the transport dept gave authority to certain Car Manufacturing Workshops and Pollution Under Control (PUC) centers to fit check the cars. For the new cars, the transport dept has given two years of relaxation, after which they too have to get fitness checked through authorized dealers.

According to EPCA, the new regulations will take effect in a year. Anumita Roy Chaudhury of EPCA commented saying, “Filters will need to be in place before the policy is finalized. Decisions regarding what kind of vehicles should go for the annual fitness test, a check-list of what kind of tests are needed for road worthiness as well as compliance strategies, will be taken in the next two months.”

“At present, only those vehicles that are more than 15 years old, go in for fitness checks. However, a detailed vehicle certification system of private vehicles of a certain year will not only check pollution, but also ensure safety standards” she further said.

While most commuters may find this as an added burden over the complex motoring rules in the country, it certainly is crucial for the health of the nation.

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