Maruti Nexa Premium Dealership Launched

In order to provide its customers with a more personalized experience, Maruti has launched its Nexa line of premium showrooms. The plan is to have 100 of these premium showrooms across the country in the next six months or so. The upcoming Maruti S-Cross will be the first car that will be put up for sale in these showrooms when it is launched in August this year.

So what’s different in the Nexa showrooms? The biggest difference, as Maruti says, will be the fact that car buying experience of customers will be vastly different from any other showroom they have been in before. For instance, there will be a dedicated area inside these showrooms where the customers will be able to get delivery of their vehicles. Apart from that, these showrooms will also loyalty and reward programs for customers through the MyNEXA program, which will be vastly different from what buyers are currently used to.

Maruti  Nexa Premium Dealership Launched

Here buyers will be allowed to customize their cars according to their own liking. Managers in these showrooms have been provided with iPads to assist customers in this regard. The buyers will be able to see and choose from different colors, variants and models of their cars and also choose the accessories they wish to have in them.

The NEXA Owner’s app is another cool and handy tool which will help the buyers with their car servicing problems.

Currently Maruti has employed 1000 managers to manage its NEXA showrooms and according to the company the number will go up to 2500 in the coming days.

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