Maruti S-Cross Meets With Accident Even Before Launch

That’s what we call trial by fire! The launch of the upcoming S-Cross from Maruti Suzuki has been scheduled on August 5th and hours after receiving this news, pictures of a wrecked S-Cross appeared online.

Very little is known about the incident and it is being speculated that the car was probably out for delivery to one of the outlets and involved in a collision that may have damaged it beyond repair. The car appears to have turned turtle and been dragged for a bit leaving it completely totalled.

Maruti S-Cross Meets With Accident Even Before Launch

While the variant cannot be determined from the images, it is extremely unfortunate that this comes days before the launch of the car. A similar accident happened with the Creta only a couple of days after launch leading people to wonder about what is really going on.

S-Cross Damaged in a Crash Before Launch

Whatever it may be, it is quite saddening to see a wrecked car, particularly one that has yet to be launched or one that has just been released. It is advised to all drivers to take extra care while driving and wear seatbelts and also attempt to get the basic safety features in any car that they buy.

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