Maruti set to introduce 400+ driving schools

Maruti Suzuki India has always been a trend setter in its commitment towards road safety and education. The company recently unveiled its plans of doubling the driving schools operated by it to more than 400 within the coming 2-3 years. At present, the Company has a network comprising of six Institutes of Driving & Traffic Research (IDTR) with 192 driving schools for training people on the aspects of road safety. A number of state governments have supported Maruti Suzuki India in its initiative of setting up the IDTRs thereby institutionalizing training of drivers in India.

Maruti Suzuki India has already done a highly commendable job of training above 10 lakh people within the last 10 years. Out of the same more than 5 lakh people have received training under the flagship program of the country – National Road Safety Mission (NRSM) that was launched in December 2008.

Maruti Suzuki driving school

A top official of Maruti Suzuki India said that the company had till date trained more than 10 lakh people. They had now targetted doubling their network of driving schools to touch 400 within the coming 2-3 years. He added that more than 160,000 lost their lives annually in road rashes. Since the automobile sector has been continuously growing in the country, it had become a very urgent necessity to start training institutes of high quality that would serve the purpose of institutionalizing quality training aimed at road safety.

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