Maruti Suzuki launches a limited edition Wagon R pro with new features

Leaders in the car market, the acclaimed Maruti Suzuki have launched yet another WagonR limited edition model packed with eleven new features. Car has been redesigned keeping in mind the ease, style and comfort for the customer. Featuring the new Double Din music system with additional Bluetooth and USB, security system, seat covers with unique leather art, new and stylish body graphics, premium exteriors, stylish and shiny wheel covers, rear bumper cover with corner protection moldings and body side molding and rear upper spoiler, this model stands up to its name, i.e. wagon R pro.

According to Mr. Manohar Bhat, Vice president (marketing) Maruti Suzuki India, the design of Wagon R and its efficiency and economical importance, have been a source of many inspirations. WangonR has been second largest selling model from Maruti, with about 11 lakh models running on the roads. Based on tremendous response from the customers with the previous limited offers, the main aim was to motivate and engage more customers with their best seller.

Maruti Suzuki launches a limited edition Wagon R pro with new features

With additional accessories like leather steering wheel and art enriched leather seat covers, Maruti Suzuki has high hopes riding on their latest release. The accessory package consists of a Double Din music system, enhancing an even more stylish dashboard, appealing body graphics and trendy interiors. There’s more to it, this limited edition is also financed by Mahindra Finance at 75% waiver fees, and at 1% interest.

Maruti Suzuki launches a limited edition Wagon R pro with new features

This latest model is powered by 998cc K-series engine (68PS @ 6200rpm, torque of 90Nm @ 3500 rpm) which results in high fuel efficiency of 18.9 kmpl. The wagonR PRO has been launched in two variants, petrol and diesel. Hoping to win millions of hearts, Maruti Suzuki has engineered the car with a 5-speed synchromesh transmission with a new and unique cable type gearshift and superior suspension technology.

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