Mazda returning back to India?

India undoubtedly is an expanding market. Luring a number of carmaker in the said stride had become its prominent characteristic for last some years. And getting carried away on this particular note of our nation, Mazda had decided to re-enter India.

Though earlier too Mazda was carrying-out its operation jointly with the ‘Swaraj’. Duos were rolling-out the commercial vehicles at that time in India, and hopefully they did manage to garner a good amount of response at a point of time. But after failing off to achieve the desired number goal with the Indian organization, Japanese carmaker then left the country. And since then, after a gap of four years Mazda again is looking to foray into our market with a big bang to capture the most of its desired sales from India too.

Mazda returning back to India?
Commenting to the media, Masamichi Kogai, Mazda president and CEO, said, “We have done a lot of research, analyzing the market and so on, as we look into what models would be possible if we go back. It is also possible that we could use it as an export base”.

Learning from the said words, it can be accounted, Mazda may want to make India its export hub in the near future, where presently it is carrying the export operations from Japan. Mazda had also laid down a business plan for itself leading to achieve global sales of 1.7 million vehicles, compared to 1.33 million vehicles for the current business year. Hopefully, it is said that, Mazda will land in India only after the three year business plan will end. Apparently, India will then help the automaker to achieve those autonomous numbers via India which it has set for the future.

Meanwhile, now the Japanese carmaker is deeply concentrating on the new plant in Mexico for capturing the North American market. Lest, after completing that, we guess India would be the main concentration to lead the exports fruitfully in the existing zones.

Mazda this time will launch a bigger and wider fleet of vehicles here.

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