More official details emerges on Bentley SUV

Made us to drool whether the concept EXP 9 F will head towards production-bay or not, Bentley swiftly made that SUV to land there for the sheer off-roading excitement in “ultimate luxury” before anyone could imagine.

Hence, this affirmative effort can be touted as one of its kind in the industry, as none of them in this category are present in the market (i.e. of luxury carmakers) now. It can be concluded, but obviously the SUV of Bentley will create a new segment for fraternity when it will be rolled out by 2016.

To an addition, now there lands another set of revelation as per to a report which is claiming that Bentley SUV will be the world’s most expensive and luxurious SUV. It is said to be priced approximately €180,000 ($240,000) and above making the mark a ‘more expensive’ one than any of the Range Rover out there.

Bentley SUV
The Bentley SUV will target almost 30 percent of Range Rover customers once the car comes out in 2016. Kevin Rose, Head of Bentley’s sales and marketing also confirmed that the vehicle will be powered by a V12 engine producing 575 bhp (429 kW) to 650 bhp (485 kW). It will share the platform with the next-gen Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and to an extent Lamborghini Urus as well.

Four, five, and seven-seat configurations, will be hosted on the list of options, but Rose feels “a lot of customers will go for the seven.” He continued saying that the car will possess a high ground clearance and “will be as capable off-road as the Range Rover.”

“This really is an SUV. In the Middle East it has to go up and down sand dunes, and in Europe it has to be able to tow stuff in the wet field,” added Rose.

Bentley is expecting it to sell in the number of 3000-4000 units per year, where one third of the results are expected alone from the US itself. 30% Range Rover customers are expected to switch to Bentley SUV once when it will be rolled out, said Bentley’s sales & marketing head.

Source: Autonews

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