Mclaren coming to India by 2015

The sports carmaker, Mclaren, is not only just slowly building its presence throughout the globe with new range of products, but is also entering several budding car markets. Moving high on the success of the Mclaren Mercedes-Benz SLR and Mclaren F1, the British car maker has introduced another clip in the chain with the MP4-12C.

Bringing the things to another height, Mclaren has showcased its P1 at the Paris Motor Show. The automaker has been a leading brand in the Formula 1 since it was founded by Bruce Mclaren in 1963.

Mclaren coming to India by 2015

Currently the company is aiming towards expanding its market and has already made its presence in the ever demanding markets of Singapore and Europe. The company currently possesses a manufacturing capacity of about 1000 units each year. The company is hoping to enter Chinese market by 2013 and is expecting to set up about eight dealerships by 2014. According to the company research and survey, it is hoping to double its sales just by starting these dealerships. The sources have also confirmed that the firm is also willing to bring its cars to the Indian market by 2015.

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