New Mahindra Verito in India: Review

Mahindra is presently one of the biggest names in the Indian automobile industry said to be one of the most thriving automobile industries across the world. Verito might just be the newest kid on the block but it boasts of 23 new features which were not there in the antecedent version of the car.The previous version might not have garnered a good response but this time the company is leaving no stones unturned to make Verito a success. What is it that makes Mahindra Verito different from others? The above few sections will throw Verito under the scanner following which we would determine as to whether Verito has a better stance than its counterparts or not.

Exteriors: –

Mahindra Verito

Mahindra has fitted the new Verito with a new front chrome grille which looks much better than that of the previous one. From the front angle, Verito gives an impression of a Skoda car owing to the design of the front grille. But altogether, the grille is much better than what the previous Mahindra-Renault grille was. Not only the front grille but the headlights of Verito have also been given an altogether new design. As per the new design, the indicators which initially used to be below the headlights towards the side will now be seen on top of the headlights. This gives the car an altogether new appeal from the front side. There are hardly any cars on the Indian circuit which have their indicators on top of the headlights. Every component of the front part of the car has been changed. Along with the front grille, there has been an upgrade in the front bumpers as well as the fog lamps which have been made to be much more intense and brighter than the previous version. Thus, Mahindra decided to keep limited exterior features of the previous version in order to give the customers an impression that this indeed is the successor to the first version of Verito. This time a new component has also been upgraded in the front part of the car. Mahindra Verito’s windshield wipers have been positioned towards the right side of the screen according to the preference of the driver’s seat which is on the right side.

Moving towards the rear part of the car, we will notice a slight change in the pattern of the taillights and the bootlet has also been equipped with fine creases which make it look much more impressive.There are reverse lights that have been put on both the taillights. Earlier version of Verito had a reverse light on only one of the taillights instead of two. This time the number plate has been fitted to the bootlet of the car instead of the rear bumper.

Thus, altogether the design of the new Verito suppresses the previous design.

Mahindra Verito

Interiors: –

Once we have entered the cabin, the first thing that most of us would notice will be the buttons meant for power windows. In the previous version of the car, Mahindra put the buttons on the central console. This time, the buttons are located on the respective doors which in turn is much more convenient that before. They say beige adds zest to the interiors of any car which is the reason why Mahindra decided to cover the whole dashboard as well as seats with beige leather. Just towards the right side of the wheel, the mirror control as well as the central locking control is located. If we look below the wheel, we’ll come across the bonnet height control button which controls the elevation of bonnet as per the convenience of the driver.

Coming to a few recursive features, the dashboard as well as the central console might be equipped with electric buttons but this does not take away the primordial or archaic appeal of the same. Mahindra could have come up with a new design of the console which would have made it seem more modern. The dashboard has Mahindra Verito logo on it. Another downsizing feature front he safety point of view is that Mahindra Verito has only one airbag for the driver and none for the co-passenger.

Coming to the backseat, there are three head-rests which point to the fact that three normal adults can easily be accommodated there. Since accommodating three normal adults would not be much of a problem, thus we can easily say that the body of the new Verito is much wider than that of the previous version of the car. There is ample boot space as well as leg space for passengers.

Thus, new Mahindra Verito clearly sidelines its predecessor when it comes to the exterior features as well as the interiors.

Ergonomics: –

Mahindra Verito

In the previous sections, we have stumbled upon the fact that the new Verito has been designed to give a much better appeal to the customers owing to its looks. But even then, there is an irony which can be petrifying. There is hardly any difference in the price of the new one when it is compared to its antecedent. This does point in one direction only. Mahindra might have given a new and much more eye-catching exoskeleton to Verito but outlook only doesn’t count as we have to know what’s new beneath the hood of the car. Maybe this is the reason why there is a very small gap of hardly 8k-18k between the prices of new Verito and former Verito.

The major systems which used to be there in the previous version of the car have been directly pulled out of the previous version and thrown into the new one. Both Mahindra Verito models boast of 1.5 Litre Turbo-diesel engines which has the capability to churn out maximum power of 68 bhp along with a rational value of torque. The only advantage this time is that the new Verito’s clutch is much softer than that of the previous one. There has been a slight change in the suspension as well due to which the car is now more capable of treading through rough terrains or uneven roads. In the previous version, there were many customers who had complained regarding the suspension of the car as it was not able to tread properly over rough terrains. This is the reason why Mahindra decided to focus more and emphasize on the clutch as well as the suspension so that no customer can point a finger at them. There are a few factors which are downgrading in the case of new Mahindra Verito. Car agility was something that Mahindra Verito (previous) was known for. But this time, the new Verito fails to be as agile as the preceding variant. But even then, the new Mahindra has proved itself to be much more comfortable than that of the previous version both in terms of looks as well as ergonomics.

Safety & Additional Features: –

Mahindra Verito

Last time, Mahindra had taken views from customers and had promised that all their preferences would be taken into consideration following which they started working on the new variant of Verito. Safety features for the new Verito have been taken into consideration but there have certainly been some loopholes as the new version has just one airbag instead of two. Coming to the tires, Mahindra Verito is equipped with durable tires which can make the car tread through uneven roads without much of a hindrance. The new fog lamps fitted to the car are capable of giving a much brighter luminance than the previous version. This will help the car to move even when the visibility is low.

Price: –

The price of the diesel variant of New Mahindra Verito has been fixed at Rs. 6.26 Lakh whereas the subsidiary petrol version’s price starts from Rs.5.27 Lakh.

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