McLaren P1 Debuts at 2014 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

McLaren P1 is one of the most assorted hybrid cars that this world is seeing, and it is even that exclusive one who has $1,190,000 in his account too needs to wait or would have run from post to pillar to buy this car. The British carmaker ultimately debut the P1 at Toronto Motor Show recently, and as per our knowledge, out of the total production of 375 units, 7 are sold in Canada now.

Well, the price is not the justification that McLaren p1 a Supercar, but in actual it’s the drivetrain that seems deciding the way. Drivetrain in total gives out the power of 903-hp from a 3.8L engine, which reaches 0-100k in 2.8-seconds.

The said British supercar is going to hit the showrooms of Canada in June 2014, whereas most of the markets are about to get it by March/April.

McLaren P1 at 2014 Canadian International Auto Show

Mentioned below are some of the technical gimmicks gathered from the McLaren’s official site:

  • Type/Formula: Road car
  • Year of production: 2013
  • Design Director: Frank Stephenson
  • Chief Design Engineer: Dan Parry-Williams
  • Examples built: Production limited to 375
  • Engine: McLaren M838T + electric motor
  • Power output: 916PS (903 hp)

2014 Canadian International Auto Show

McLaren P1 Back View

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