McLaren P1 Debuts in Bahrain

Not much to say about on this one, but we recently updated that McLaren had closed the booking for its production specific P1 but contradicting to our post, it was spotted on the tracks of Bahrain.

However, the company had not surfaced with technical details but they made this red beauty to ride in all its glory on McLaren Bahrain International Circuit.

It was all a part of the preview for VIPs in oil rich land; after all they are the true initial buyers for such mean machines.

McLaren P1 Debuts in Bahrain

Taking a closer look to the picture, it shares most of the cues from its Formula One sibling MP4-12C.

Supercars are the ‘flavor of the month’ in Arab land, as we also witnessed, a much talked about Lykan Hypersports from W Motors debuted at 2013 Qatar Motor Show.

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