McLaren P1 Produces 916 HP

During the last some days, production spec of McLaren was on a foggy ground, as was also doing rounds in certain Middle East countries to lure buyers.

P1 is the first car from house of this British carmaker which had made a bizarre in the scorching auto fraternity, apart from F1 tracks. Getting to the point, P1 will produce a whopping 916 HP (903 bhp) as drawing 737 hp (727 bhp) @ 7500 rpm from 3.8 liter V8 alone, while the remaining 179 hp (176 bhp) from an electric motor. The peak torque figure boosted the charts by 720 Nm (531 lb-ft) @ 4,000 rpm, must say a real sports champion.

This orange draped McLaren comes embedded with advanced features like IPAS (Instant Power Assist System) and DRS (Drag Reduction System).

McLaren P1

IPAS looks after the electric motor that is responsible for those additional 179 hp, which wobbles out from just the push of a button, being mounted on steering wheel.

DRS is also like that of some F1 racing components, which derives more speed on a straight-line run, as one appropriately needs to bulge the left thumb on driving rim for that. Only a few seconds gap can be witnessed with on the DRS functionality, but those ticking also matters a lot while racing in a true manner.

McLaren P1 Produces 916 HP
Overall, electric motor runs only 6 miles on the complete battery charge of 2 hours. Pack of cells weighs around 96 kgs, and is mounted on the rear of vehicle. McLaren too confirms that P1 emission clocks at less than 200g/km on the combination of both, electric and fuel.

Lastly, a lot of carbon fiber is used to get the weights at a lowest possible point, so that more power can be obtained easily. It is also donned with simple seating arrangement excluding cushions, floor mats, soundproofing and all other luxuries. 2103 Geneva Auto Show will witness its debut.

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