Maruti Workers Strike Work Today In Support Of The All India Trade Union Strike

Indian automotive industry is already in trouble with the economic slowdown, rise in input costs and other factors. Now, Workers have also started to halt the car business for the moment. The two-day strike called by the Central Trade Unions for the fulfillment of their 10 demands has spread its wings all over the country. Many of the auto worker unions and trade groups have come forward to support this move from the trade union. The strike started yesterday and mainly demands taking quick decision on a few important matters, which includes price rise, social security for the workers in any unorganized sector, strict enforcement of the labour laws, raising of minimum wage to about Rs. 10,000 per month and to put an end to the disinvestment process in the Public sector units. Several trade unions and worker’s unions have showed their support to the strike.

Maruti has recently experienced workers’ outrage when a company manager was burnt by workers in a violent clash. Today they have decided to stop work in support of the nationwide strike. Today Maruti workers will completely halt production at both Gurgaon and Manesar plant. When asked about the strike, Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union (MUKU)’s General Secretary, Mr. Kuldeep Jhangu said that union after meeting with the representative of the different unions in that area has decided to abandon work to show their support for the central union.

Maruti Suzuki Workers to Strike Work

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