Meet the Flying Car Named Terrafugia Transition

You will soon come across flying car in Britain, with experts in aviation saying that a flying car could be the reality in five years time in Britain, as a model was recently approved by America.

The Terrafugia Transition, priced around $250,000 is an aircraft for two with a 115mph of top speed, and a 500 miles fuel tank capacity that will need only 20 hours of training to learn to fly.

The car takes only 15 seconds after pushing a button for the wings to automatically fold up and power from the propeller to re-rout to its rear wheels. The car has a max power of 65mhp and can easily fit into a regular sized garage as well.

The founder of the Terrafugia, Carl Dietrich, said that its like a small Transformer model, referring to popular children’s games, which is now a blockbuster film franchise. While, the model is primarily targeted at US buyer, which has a lot of airstrips and fly-in communities ranging around 600, a popular fan being actor John Travolta that owns a Boeing 707 plane, it has garnered interest from as many as 20 Britons, who have declared their interest in this carbon-fibre vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Flying Car Named Terrafugia Transition

  1. This seems to be the greatest and an efficient invention by the trio Carl, Anna and Samuel. It’s going to be the next big thing in the world. How much do you quote it in India ?

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