Mercedes all set to roll out five new compact cars in India

Indian automobile market is said to be amongst one of the most thriving automobile markets in the world with most of the luxury car makers now making their way to India. Mercedes Benz has always been revered as one of the most luxurious brand names in India and the reputation of Mercedes is never bound to fall owing to the success of their cars on the Indian roads. Mercedes now vows to overthrow BMW off the throne by increasing its production rate as well as diversity of models in India. As a result Mercedes Benz after launching so many luxury sedans as well as SUVs in the Indian market now aims to bring its fresh range of compact cars here. Over the last few months, the German automobile heavyweight has been eyeing the Indian automobile market for its compact cars and now finally the company has decided to unveil their compact masterpieces to the Indian automobile enthusiasts.

So speculations are rife that by 2015, three or probably five compact cars of Mercedes Benz will be seen ruling the Indian roads. Mercedes has recently unveiled 10 new cars and owing to the response of the customers in India, Mercedes plans to roll out all the new cars towards India. There will be two separate assembly lines one of which will be exclusively for Mercedes Benz A-Class & B-Class whereas the other one will be for ML & GL SUVs.

Mercedes all set to roll out five new compact cars in India


Mercedes Benz also plans to start a painting unit at its Chakan Facility in the vicinity of Pune and thus plant will be functional till 2014. It is reported that Mercedes Benz is investing a staggering Rs. 350 crore in the Chakan Manufacturing Plant.In the automobile world, those who have been reigning in the luxury car segment have been locking horns ever since they took their first step in the mainstream market. Mercedes Benz and BMW are fierce rivals in the luxury car market. The demand for Mercedes Benz A-Class as well as the B-Class is increasing in the Indian market and owing to that, Mercedes Benz has started to analyze the prospects of launching their range of compact cars in India.

Dieter Zetsche who heads the Mercedes Benz unit as well as Daimler recently gave a statement saying that Mercedes Benz has always considered India as a very lucrative platform for launching cars and thus is looking forward to launching more of Mercedes Benz cars in India. Mercedes Benz already has a flourishing dealership network in India and plan to increase the count of production in the upcoming years. With a new line-up of GL, ML and GLC class cars, Mercedes is all set to tackle BMW and with the addition of the series of compact cars, the prospects of Mercedes sidelining BMW are high. In the next few years, Mercedes plans to increase its production rate to more than 15,000 units per year. The platform for compact cars is steadily increasing in India as well as China over the last couple of years and Mercedes owing to the response, is all set to stay ahead of its compatriots.

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