Mercedes AMG A35 Sedan Revealed | Indian Drives

Mercedes AMG A35 Sedan Revealed | Indian Drives

Mercedes Benz has recently unveiled a sporty variant of its regular A-class sedan, and they have christened it as the Mercedes AMG A35 sedan.

The engine is the same as that of the A35 hatchback and is mated with a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The wheels are powered by a 4_matic all-wheel-drive system, making it easier to drive on any type of roads.

Besides the engine, the exterior too seems to be inspired by the A35 hatchback but has enlarged air intakes, and a new lift back look at the back. The interiors on the other hand include the MBUX multimedia system and a state of the art customizable instrument cluster and infotainment screen below a single piece of glass.

Sadly, despite unveiling the AMG A35, the makers have not made any official announcement about its launch in India. However, the makers are planning to unveil the standard A-class sedan in the coming years. So while we update you with more news about the Mercedes AMG A35 feel free to share your comments with us in the section below.

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