Mercedes AMG Petronas Declares the F1 Indian Grand Prix Team

The 2012 Airtel Indian Grand Prix is ready to commence by the coming Sunday (October 28).

The competition will take place at the Buddh International Circuit at Noida. So prior to that Mercedes AMG Petronas declared the beginning of the Indian Grand Prix with the introduction to the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Group.

Michael Schumacher

The Formula One debut of India in 2011 was definitely a triumph. There were an amazing amount of buffs during the weekend, and the path itself in fact is cool. Michael Schumacher said that all the drivers were given a very warm welcome, and it will be appealing to witness if this keenness has stayed as sturdy. After two race competitions that have not been completely rewarding, they naturally yearn for a more confident trend to approach.

Mercedes AMG Petronas Declares the F1 Indian Grand Prix Team

Nico Rosberg

The Buddh International Circuit is really challenging with a motivating blend of slow pace corners and long speedy straights. The pathway also has one of the maximum average paces in Formula One and is appropriate for catching up with. Nico Rosberg said during the last year, he was truly overwhelmed by the fervor and responsiveness of the Indian citizens so he’s ready to visit the country again and have some more exciting experiences.

Ross Brawn

The coming week will witness Formula One’s second visit to India accompanying the opening Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit during October 2011. Ross Brawn said that in 2012, their group is very happy to be associating with Airtel and they hope for sharing their Indian Grand Prix know-how with them.

Norbert Haug

After a victorious opening race in 2011, Norbert Haug said they are all eager to come back to the Buddh International Circuit for the second version of the Indian Grand Prix. Haug added that they had a affectionate welcome from a very excited public in 2011 and it was inspiring to witness the prestige Formula One relished with the individuals on its first visit to India.

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