Mercedes-Benz Berlin Headquarters to be sold for 88mn Euros ($121mn)

Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Berlin is reported to be sold for approximately 88 million euros ($121 million).  An Austrian property group CA Immobilien was said to own the property.

“After the successful conclusion of this project, developing further high-value office properties to strengthen our German asset portfolio is right at the top of our agenda,” said CA Immo Chief Executive Bruno Ettenauer in a statement.

Union Investment has agreed to buy the property of Berlin which is presently being used by the three-pointed star logoed carmaker.

It was reported that MB was leased the property for 10 years.

Mercedes-Benz Headquarters in Berlin

However, there isn’t any news whether the Mercedes-Benz is going to use the same space after the deal, or it is needed to hunt for a new one after that. We are drooling to get complete details about the log.

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