Porsche Macan Goes in Production at Leipzig: Watch Video

Porsche Macan is out, and the brand just wanted to upkeep the fizz alive. For this simple purpose the German carmaker has released a video, which we have posted down this blog, to luster the launch of its crossover at a near future.

However, the market is responding righteously to the Q5 rival of Porsche. Adding a new flake to it will do no harm at all, that’s what the Stuttgart carmaker hope so from this clipping.

Macan is learnt to be built in Leipzig, Germany, from the bits of components to final product. Hopefully, the Porsche’s Leipzig manufacturing bay is now made capable of producing 50,000 units per year after being pumped with the half a billion Euro investment.

Porsche Macan Goes in Production at Leipzig

The manufacturing bay seems to be most interesting sight to see Porsche being produced; while we loved the final product Macan most, running breathtakingly on the tracks after production!

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