Mercedes Benz Launches Two New Models in India

In a bid to close in the gap between its sales figures and those of BMW, Mercedes Benz India recently launched two new models for their Indian market on Tuesday. These are the GL 500 and the SL 350 priced at Rs. 80.9 lakhs and Rs. 98.5 lakhs respectively according to ex-showroom Delhi.

Powering the Mercedes Benz’s sports car offering, the SL 350, is a V6 engine displacing 3.5l, while the GL 500, Mercs SUV offering is powered by the V6 engine having 5.4l displacement.

The managing director for Mercedes’ India division, Peter Honegg, said that the GL 500 and the SL 350 are the most popular models they have to offer in their portfolio, adding that he was quite confident about both these models wooing media, customers, critics and auto enthusiasts alike.

He also added that their GL 500 model ranks among the top powerful SUVs available anywhere in the world and would be the ideal SUV for meeting the different requirements of their increasing Merc fans in India.

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