Mercedes Benz S63 AMG version revealed

Mercedes Benz had scheduled the unveiling of the AMG version of its S63 for the Frankfurt Motor Show which will be held in September this year. Although, the company has revealed the car publicly much before the event, this newly launched member of the S class is drastically different from the other cars in the S class line up. AMG S63 endorses the typical AMG styling which includes a newly designed deeper bumper in the front, a blade grille that is heavily chromed, its flanks supporting badges saying “twin turbo V8″ and the sills which have been made more muscular. This new S63 offers a rear wheel drive and will be launched globally in the next year.

The car is, of course, designed on the lines of the standard S class models but the performance characteristics of this AMG variant is enhanced from the use of a variety of weight curbing measures. This includes the use of a 78Ah Lithium Ion battery and a carbon fiber built spare wheel recess. This car has a comparatively longer wheel base and has a total body weight of 1995 kg. In spite of having a greater number of standard equipments and comparatively large dimensions, this car is an astounding 1000 kg less than the earlier S class models. The company also states that the S63 AMG variant offering an all wheel drive will also have the same body weight of 1995 kg. This is possible, probably, due to its straight forward suspension designing.

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

This AMG version of S63 is powered by a V8 twin turbo charged engine with a fuel capacity of 5.5 litres. Deviating from the typical AMG practice, this AMG version is designed to offer only a single tuning state. The car has a power output of 577 bhp which is 14 bhp more than the older S63 AMG model. This provides the car with a power to weight ratio of 289 bhp per tonne. The car has an AMG special 7 speed Multi Clutch Transmission (MCT) coming in 3 driving modes viz. Manual, Sport and Controlled Efficiency. The CE mode has an automatic on/off feature that adds to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Although the car is designed to weigh a total of 1000 kg less than the earlier model and offer an added 14 bhp of power, its speed parameter remains the same. The S63 AMG version reaches the mark of 100 km/ hour in 4.4 seconds just like its predecessor. The maximum speed offered by this variant is 250 km/hour but with the installation of the driver’s package a maximum speed of 300 km per hour can be achieved.

To continue with the trend of launching AMG models, Mercedes Benz will launch a 4Matic model of S63 AMG as well. This car, with an all wheel drive, will be a part of its line up in the markets having left hand drive only.

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Interiors

Mercedes Benz has continuously failed to offer right hand drive cars for its ‘all wheel drive’ models. This clearly means that this variant will not enter in a total of 83 MB markets worldwide, demanding right hand drive cars. This new variant of S63 AMG will be able to complete its transition to 100 km per hour in just 4 seconds. The car uses the S500’s air suspension but with a little modification in addition to MB’s renowned Magic Control Body system. This system makes use of a camera fitted on the windscreen which analyses the road ahead and modifies the car settings to offer optimum level of sportiness or comfort.

S63 with 4Matic has a sportier suspension made up of steel springs. The car also has MB’s ADS Plus damping system which adjusts the dampers continuously in either Comfort or Sport mode. Both the variants of S63 AMG have forged aluminum wheels with a 19 inch diameter and are available in 255/45 (rear wheel drive) and 285/40 (all wheel drive) profiles. There is an option to go for 20 inch wheels within the same profile.

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Back View

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