Mercedes Benz S63 Unveiled, but ‘Unintentionally’

Mercedes Benz is best known for its high class luxury cars for over five decades now. The most successful venture by Mercedes-Benz has been it S-class product line which has been upgraded periodically since its start. The latest addition in this series is S63 AMG Sedan which was supposed to be launched officially in 2014. But an unintentional video footage from the production plant in Sindelfingen revealed the splendid new Sedan much before its official launch.

Mercedes-Benz has been producing S-class supreme luxury vehicles since 1972. The S-class stands for “special class” which clearly gives the idea behind the designing of these Sedans. The idea was to create a car that races in a league of its own. The S Class is currently ranked as No.1 when it comes to luxury Sedans. Many generations of S-class vehicles have made their way to the market since their launch and almost all of the models were received with open arms by the style admirers.

Mercedes-Benz recently, in May 2013, launched its latest S-class super luxurious and powerful Sedan , model W222 which out did all the vehicles launched so far in the S-class series. It has a crisp stylish body and super luxurious interiors which makes every second of the ride enjoyable. It has the ability to reach the speed of 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.2 seconds, making it unbelievably fast in spite of such a heavy framework.

Mercedes Benz S63 Unveiled

The S63, the latest venture by Mercedes-Benz, is also a luxurious Sedan that is still in the product line. The official car launch is due in 2014 and currently this model is under testing for safety and efficiency at the production plant. The video footage that was captured, unintentionally gave an insight to the new model’s specifications and design.

The S63 is an AMG badged luxury Sedan that is powered by a dual turbo engine that produces a power of 557 bhp. This V8 engine with a 5.5 litre capacity is supported by 7-space speed transmission. The car has 20 inch wheels and an ability to change gears in just one second when on the run.

Mercedes Benz S63

The expectations are already high from the S63 and the preview that was leaked has only made the people more impatient for this luxurious power machine.

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