Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch: Unveiling at Consumer Electronics Show

“Smartphones are of yesteryear, 2014 will be of smart gears”, seems to be the new mantra for techies of 2014. Mercedes seems to have joined the same fray too.

Confirming association of Mercedes with Pebble, a smartwatch is learnt to be rolled out from the venture to connect better with the customers, said Mercedes Benz.

Details are limited but expectations lays, wrist gear will be loaded with latest sort of hardware and software created by Pebble, and would allow access to a number of applications of the technology partner (Pebble).

Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch

To an addition, Mercedes is reported to have updated its Digital DriveStyle app for making it compatible with the Pebble smartwatch. The watch will be unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show. Reports have found that Mercedes will provide its car owners with access of checking the fuel, door lock, vehicle status, location and a lot more on the watch dial. It is also been noted that the watch would warn its driver about the obstacles that are subjected to hit its way, by alarming with vibration on driver’s wrist.

Mercedes smartwatch sounds like a delight, but we are waiting for the cost so that at least those who are not capable of buying a Merc can satisfy themselves with the smartest gadget available at its store.

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