Mercedes-Benz’s Rival Of Audi TT Rendered

Apparently, the new Audi TT seems to have created enough brouhaha in the vicinity, where the envious Mercedes-Benz is also rumoured of developing its immediate rival. However, if went by the speculations, which almost seems true, a well-known artist of the industry has produced us the evidence how this car will look like once when it will take the shape.

As this is just a rendering, so no concrete confirmation aren’t meant to say of at the moment. The MFA front wheel platform of A- and B-Class shall make its way underneath. This TT rival with Star logo will sip its power from the transversely mounted engine options with the traction begin sent to front wheels, or to a 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

The range-topping version is obvious with such a car, which if went with a speculation it may deliver no lesser than 400bhp and traction being sorted to either of the axles. Here, the 0-100 can make a point in no lesser than 4.5 seconds with capability to reach the max-speed of 250km/h, worsening the competition for the TT RS.

Mercedes-Benz's Rival Of Audi TT Rendered

However, yet following the footsteps of TT in every aspects, it can’t miss out the 2+2 seating capacity, which will even own a boot space of 350-litre. Hence, there are no suggestions of names made for it. But speculations of A-Class and SLA can be simply ruled out due to unfeasible reasons. And if everything will fall in place, the launch may take place in 2019.

Mercedes-Benz's Rival Of Audi TT Rendered

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