Anna Hazare’s Mahindra Scorpio Auctioned For Rs 9.11 Lakh

India is a place of odds and evens. The national icon of social crusader against the corruption, and almost a Gandhian figure for many, recently sent out an intimation for the auction his SUV Mahindra Scorpio, for which huge crowd and a hefty sum was expected. But turned out on the day of auction, the Mahindra Scorpio that Anna Hazare had used for eight years, and it even became a symbol of his arrival, went under the hammer for a paltry amount of Rs 9.11 lakh.

The auction was held at his hometown in Ralegan Siddhi village, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. And the SUV was a CRDe trim. Looking down Anna’s nature ground stuck, it was a perfect choice, but the back ache problem had compelled to think over his choice again.

On a static note, fifteen interested buyers were present at the auction. But it was Pravin alias Atul Lokhande from Ahmednagar who figured to shell out the amount of Rs 9,11,000 for the Scorpio of Anna Hazare. He has remained quite close to this social icon, and seems it was his interest to make the purchase. By his social status, Mr. Lokhande is a member of Devdethan gram panchayat, Srigonda taluka, Ahmednagar.

Anna Hazare’s Mahindra Scorpio Auctioned For Rs 9.11 Lakh

Hence, if asked us, scaling the popularity and fanfare that Mr. Hazare enjoys, this chance was a rare opportunity for his followers across the nation to own a souvenir of him. And the amount it garnered isn’t up to the mark for a vehicle that was once possessed by this popular figure. After all, many buyers shell out hefty sums to buy out the pre-owned cars of the celebrities, but no one turns out with a fat checque at this open auction.

Well, the Mahindra Scorpio CRDe was owned by Swami Vivekanand Krutudnata Nidhi Trust, which is formed to look over the funds Anna Hazare receives in the form of awards. And speaking about the next car to look at, a close aide informed it is the new Toyota Innova, as the comfort level is more inside the cabin for an ageing Hazare.

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